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400 Bucks

Baby I'm Drunk
Baby You Know Who
Bad Reputation
Baddest of the Bad
Bales Of Cocaine
Bath-Water Blues
Big Dwarf Rodeo | tab
Big Little Baby
Big Red Rocket of Love | tab
Big Sky | tab tab 2

Caliénte | tab
Cinco De Mayo | tab
Couch Surfin'
Cowboy Love
Crooked Cigarette | tab
Cruisin' For A Bruisin' | tab

Devil's Chasin' Me, The

Eat Steak

Five-O Ford | tab
Folsom Prison Blues
For Never More | tab

Generation Why | tab
Gin and Tonic Blues

Hello Mrs. Darkness | tab1 tab2
Hello Walls

I Can't Surf | tab
I Could Get Used to it
I'm Mad
In Your Wildest Dream
It's A Dark Day
It's Martini Time | tab
Jimbo Song | tab
Johnny Quest/Stop That Pigeon

Lie Detector | tab
Liquor, Beer & Wine
Living On The Edge (Of Houston) | tab
Loaded Gun | tab
Lonesome Train Whistle
Love Whip

Native Tongue of Love
Now, Right Now
Nurture My Pig

One Time For Me | tab
Or Is It Just Me

Pride of San Jacinto | tab
Psychobilly Freakout
Put It To Me Straight

Revolution Under Foot | tab
Rock The Joint
Rockin' Dog

Slow | tab
Spell On Me
Spend A Night In The Box | tab
Starlight Lounge | tab
Sue Jack Daniels | tab

Texas Rock-A-Billy Rebel | tab
That's Showbiz
Time To Pray

Watusi Rodeo
Where In The Hell Did You Go
    With My Toothbrush?
Wiggle Stick

Yeah, Right
You Can't Get Away From Me

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