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Watusi Rodeo

Come along with me to the congo land
Got a zebra by the tail and a python in my hand
Once my home was a Texas plain
But now I swing a lasso on an alien terrain
Honkey tonks and pygmies nowhere to go
Everybody's heading to the watusi rodeo

Cowboys are puttin' up a big fence around
The sacred elephant burial ground
Native women stompin' up a flurry in the mud
Everybody's lookin' for some cowboy fun
Guess they didn't like the nasty native wear
Didn't look good on the native hair
Don't they know that its all for show
All for show at the watusi rodeo

Monkeys in the trees just thumbin' their nose
At the bull riders ridin' on rhinos
Warriors standing with their spears in their hands
Wondering what's next from the crazy white man
The natives are restless underneath stetsons
What are these cowboys doing in the congo
They look like cows but they're water buffalo
Everybody's headed for the watusi rodeo
Ohh, they look like cows but they're water buffalo
ropin' and a ridin' at the watusi rodeo

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